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Cedarhollow Mastiffs

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~French Author Anatole France

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About Us

We entered the purebred dog world with our first Mastiff, Steele, coming to live with us in 1996.  Lacey joined our home 3 months later.  Steele will always hold a special place for us as our first.  He was spoiled rotten and a perpetual puppy.  Lacey was the Queen.  She ruled the house with patience, firmness, and rarely discipline.


The next additions to our home were Fire & Ice.  These two were littermates and from Lacey's first litter.  Ice was the first of our beautiful Mastiffs to leave us.  Fire was the second to leave us.  You can read more about both of these incredible dogs on our Memorial Page. If you plan on breeding a litter...PLEASE...take time to read Ice's story!


Next came Party & Georgia.  These are two puppies from Lacey's 2nd and last litter.  They have introduced us to the wonderful world of Brace.  Competing in Brace at conformation shows has been lots of fun and the Girls have made us very proud with MANY Group Placements, BIS, BISS, etc.  They are now carrying on through their kids, grandkids and great grandkids.  Our latest achievement was BISS Brace at the Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty with Sammy and Salem, Georgia's Granddaughters.


Faith & Noah were are next very special additions for a couple of reasons.  The first is that they are a tribute to their mother, Ice.  Again, we encourage anyone that thinks they may want to breed their girl to read Ice's story.
Faith & Noah are out of Steele and Ice.  Ice gave her life for these puppies.
We lost her due to complications from her c-section.
Thanks to an incredible vet we were able to save the puppies.


The next puppies to join us were Santana and Layla.  These girls are half sisters and are only 2 months apart.  They are both out of our beautiful apricot boy, Fire.  Santana AKA Tana is out of a litter of 10...all brindle puppies and was the oldest of the 2 girls.  Georgia is her mom.  Layla is our stud pick puppy and is the first puppy, not born here, to be added to our family since Steele and Lacey. 


Just a short time after Layla came home, Caesar joined our ranks.  Caesar is a French Bulldog and he was POSITIVE that he was just a small Mastiff.  3 days after he came to live with us we had a litter of 14 Mastiff puppies.  Caesar was only slightly bigger than the newborn Mastiffs!  He grew up with the litter of 14, Santana & Layla.
It is no wonder that he thought he was a Mastiff!


From that litter of 14 puppies we kept Emma, Ali & Othello.  They are out of Party.  Their antics and personality keep us in stitches around here.  They have such incredible temperaments that they are doing great service to the breed
as therapy dogs, too! 


As if having a litter of 14 puppies (and keeping 3) weren't enough to keep us on our toes...we added a big beautiful girl to our ranks.  Her name was Sequoia.  She was aptly named...McFeely's Simply Irresistible.  She never hit the show ring...but she was about as sweet as they came. 


After a 2 year break to recover from the 14 puppies we bred Santana to a beautiful male from Pennsylvania.  This produced a litter of 9 incredible puppies.  After some VERY hard decision making...we ended up keeping Teddy, Samantha & Salem and co-owning Tess.  We have NEVER had such a hard time deciding which puppies to keep as we did with this litter!  They have already hit the show ring and have done very well. 


The next to join the family was P!nk.  The infamous P!nk!!  P!nk is from a co-bred litter.  Her mother is Kate, littermate to Emma, Ali & Othello.  She is full of spunk and is smarter than is probably safe!  P!nk is living up to her name and has entertained crowds of spectators in the conformation ring to the rally ring.  Be sure to listen to the peals of laughter at a ring near just might be P!nk performing!


Carmen and Charlie are two girls that we kept from Layla's first litter.  Both of these apricot girls are full of energy and are going to be slow to mature...just like their mother.  It will be a while before they hit a show ring...
they are going to stay home and grow up a bit first. 


The Newest Addition - Betty has recently come home.  Betty is from another co-bred litter.  She is out of Tess who was bred to a big brindle boy from Australia.  Betty is the first brindle puppy in the house in almost 4 years!  We are very excited about her and her potential.  She is everything we could have hoped for!
Be sure to stay tuned for more on Betty soon!


If anyone has any thoughts on raising Mastiffs for money, let me tell you that the odds are that you will lose money and the chances are you could even lose your beloved pet, too.  We almost lost Lacey with her last litter, not because she wasn't healthy, but because of unknown complications from her previous litter.  Did we make any money?  No, in fact...we lost money on both litters.  And we lost Ice with her one and only litter.  Again, not because she wasn't fact...she had passed her pre-breeding check-up with flying colors!  Why do we do it, you might ask?

Because of our love for the breed.


Mastiffs are not for everyone, but we were very blessed the day Steele made us his humans.  We had waited 7 years for the right time and the decision was not made lightly.  To be blessed again with Lacey was a miracle.  Although we had wanted to get two puppies close together, we did not have much faith in finding the right two.
Well, as you can see...we did.


Mastiffs, just like any breed, have health issues.  We wanted to make sure that we were going to have a HEALTHY dog above all else.  Secondly, came temperament.  As far as we are concerned,, if you have to "Put Up With" a dog's should not have the dog.  You have to have a dog healthy in mind and body in order to be happy.  If a dog can not play because it is crippled or be comfortable around the family because of a temperament problem then neither the dog nor you will be happy, and this is no life for a Mastiff.


Please take some time to meet the gang.  If you have ANY questions about mastiffs or any of the clubs we belong to please feel free to email us. 

We are currently members in good standing of:

Pacific Northwest Mastiff Fanciers

Mastiff Club of America

Tacoma Kennel Club

We would like to give special thanks to the following people:

We would like to thank all of the wonderful people that have been in this breed and
have been willing to share their experiences, opinions, advice, and passion. 

The breeder you choose can make all the difference in the world.
They are the people that you ask even the smallest question. 
If you do not have a good relationship with your breeder it makes the road much more difficult.

So...really check your breeders out.  Make sure that they will be there and you can work with them for the long haul. 
And be sure to listen to them.  They have a lot of good advice to offer.