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Cedarhollow Mastiffs

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~French Author Anatole France

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Can/Intl Ch Cedarhollow's Witchy Woman
~Santana or Tana~
Can/Intl Ch Cedarhollow's Light My Fire X Can/Intl Ch Cedarhollow's Night Train to Georgia
OFA Good, Elbows Clear, Patellas Normal, Cystinuria Negative, Cerf & PRA-DNAP
August 9, 2003 - May 14, 2008
Santana AKA Tana was a very nice young bitch with a very up 'showy' attitude.
She never met a person or animal she didn't like and passed her health testing with flying colors.

We lost Tana just 3 days after my return from the National.  She appeared in good health and good spirits when I left but went off her food while I was gone.  She LOVED her food so this was cause for concern...but...she was also my special girl.  She appeared fine in all other ways, active, playful, etc.  Just not 'into' her food.  When I got home, I made an immediate appointment at the Vet's.  Over the next couple of days we watched her deteriorate rapidly while we waited for test results to come back.  On the 3rd day she started to crash and I rushed her into the Vet's.  We did emergency exploratory surgery...we suspected cancer...but there was the possibility that her spleen and torsioned.  When we opened her up, her spleen and stomach were riddled with cancer.  We had to let her go.  We sent tissue samples off and it came back to be a very rare and aggressive form of cancer.  Tana's loss was very hard...she went everywhere with us.  She was simply put...special.

She is pictured above at 2 1/2 years and was bred to Ch Audley Farm's Family Jules in February.  She delivered a beautiful litter of 9 puppies, 4 boys & 5 girls, on April 13th.  From that litter we kept 3 puppies, Teddy, Sammy, Salem and co-own 1 other, Tess.  We have very high hopes for these puppies and feel that we have truly combined the best qualities of both Mom and Dad.
Santana, AKA Tana, was the first Fawn Brindle that we have had.  She was also the first puppy of ours that is out of a dog we bred AND a bitch we bred...
so she was TRULY a Cedarhollow girl!
She is shown here going Reserve to a Major
in Canby, OR just before her 1st birthday.
Her littermate brother, Breaker, followed her lead by going reserve the next weekend, also to a Major.
Tana did quite well in Tucson, AZ at the MCOA National Specialty.  She was handled by our friend and Tana's co-owner, Shannon Low of
Resolute Mastiffs.
She won first place in the 6-9 Sweeps and 2nd in the 6-9 Futurity.
5 Months...
8 Weeks...

Tana is on the left.  Quinn, AKA Cedarhollow's Might Quinn, is in the middle & Breaker, AKA Ch Cedarhollow's Break on Through is on the right. 

These puppies had tons of wrinkle and so far so good...they have kept it!  Breaker was our pick boy from this litter and we co-own him with Tiffany Moran-Fagan of Zodiac Mastiffs.


5 Weeks...
3 Weeks...
This was a litter of 10...all BRINDLE!!!
We had a very hard time picking a girl from this litter.