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Cedarhollow Mastiffs

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~French Author Anatole France

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OFA Hips - GOOD, OFA Elbows - Normal, OFA Patella - Normal, OFA Heart - Normal, CERF, Cystinuria clear, PRA-DNAP
Salem and Sammy are pictured at about 3 years old, above
They are affectionately referred to as the Bobbsie Twins.  Where one is...the other is close by. 
4 Years...
Sammy can be a bit of a pain to get show pictures of!  She would much rather be on the move somewhere.  But, she is pictured here taking Best Opposite for a Major for her Grand Championship.  She has only been shown as a Special a few weekends and has picked up 1/2 of her points needed for her Grand Championship so far! 


Sammy & Salem are pictured here after
winning Best Brace at the
2010 Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty.  Sam is on the left and Salem is on the right.  Sammy also won Best Bred By Exhibitor.
At the Canadian Mastiff Club National Specialty, ANY dog that has been handled throughout the competition by the Breeder/Owner of record is eligible for the Best Bred By Award!
This is great because even though a
dog is a Champion...
it can still compete for this great award!
Kudos to the Canadian Club for this!

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Samantha AKA Sammy...
Sammy finished her championship with 4 Majors.  Sammy was handled to her championship
by Karen Thomason of Alpine Kennels.

Sam is sassy, spunky, silly, bossy, haughty, etc.  She has quite the reputation for her antics and is also the poster child for being careful what you name a dog because they may just live up to it…you might occasionally catch a glimpse of her riding her broom at a show sight near you. 


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On a trip to Canada we were stranded by a snow storm
while staying at our friend's, Shannon Low or Resolute Mastffs, house.
Sammy made the best of the situation by having GREAT fun playing in the snow.
The deeper the better!



Sammy posed for our Christmas card photo and simply loved all of the attention!
She was just 6 months old in this photo.


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These are some assorted pictures of Sam at different matches from the ages of about 16 months down to 12 weeks.  At the Tacoma Kennel Club fun match when she was 12 weeks old, she was handled by a little friend who did quite well with her placing in group and also winning Best Junior!  She started that show career off with a bang!


Samantha is our little princess.
This puppy has such presence that we couldn't possibly NOT keep her.  She is very balanced with a beautiful front, rear and movement.  She has attitude that demands you look at her.  She is 8 weeks in this picture.  It is yet another wonderful picture taken by Jerry & Marty Vavra of Gates, OR.

 8 Weeks...
What a doll!  We have high hopes for this young lady.  We hope that she will follow her daddy, Jules, lead in the show ring!
 6 Weeks...
These pictures were taken on our trip to Victoria.  Top left she is wrestling with Tess and top right she is wrestling with Lucas.  Notice that she is on top in both of those wrestling matches??  Seems to be a theme with this little angel! 

 Sammy is pictured on the left and Tess is on the right.  Orange girl is in the middle and she is still with us looking for the perfect home.  If we name her...she the rule is...don't name them!   
  Here are Sammy & Tess...
we are comparing the two!
Sammy is showing off that beautiful chest.  
 She is already a pro at stacking!
A big improvement in only a week! 
 5 Weeks...
A week earlier...
she is just learning to stand here.

 At 5 weeks this was more typical of what her favorite pose was!  She was ALWAYS on her back! 


4 Weeks...
Ok, this was Sammy's first time trying to stack and on top of that she was up on a table.
She wasn't sure about the whole experience.
Waaaayyyy up off the ground and even though the table was pretty would still shake a little bit.
She was happier just sitting.