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Cedarhollow Mastiffs

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~French Author Anatole France

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Ch Meadowfarm's Major Breakthrough X Am/Can/Intl Ch
Cedarhollow's Calico Girlfriend

P!nk is just getting started, in ernest, on her showing.
She dabbled a bit as she was growing up but we wanted to let her mature before we got serious.
She may not be the biggest girl on the block but she is incredibly sound, a powerful mover
that covers some serious ground and outshows me! 
She is being handled to the remainder of her championship points
by our friends at Alpine Kennels, Ed & Karen Thomason and their assistant, Aaron Bradshaw.



P!nk - 3 years old...pictured at our annual Vavra photo shoot.  (see more below) 

 P!nk is pictured here, with Patti Wilkinson,
in her new cool coat made by Patti!

Patti does a fantastic job on these cool coats
and can either make a custom one for you
or often has a selection of cool coats ready
for you to choose from!

Patti can be reached at 
Here are a few pics of P!nk with her friend
and handler, Ed Thomason, at a show in
Canby, OR in June.
P!nk at Canby Dog Show - June 2010
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Pause Stop Previous Next View full-sized photos
 P!nk was about 18mo old in these pics.
She was having a grand time
running through the fields!
 Here are a few show pics of P!nk
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8 weeks to 3 years...

This slide show is of a series of Vavra Photos
taken of P!nk starting at 8 weeks
and then taken at exactly 1 year intervals
with the same chair and mostly just the same hat.
(The hat in the last series is a new hat.)

We will continue to take
these pictures every year!

 10 Months...

Here is P!nk with Vala. 
We also got a group shot of her with
4 of her brothers; Rudy, Toby, Peyton & Archie.

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4 Months...
Here we tried to get some stacked pics
of the kids...we really should have had
a video camera to document the comedy! 
So, here is P!nk and then
with 4 of her brothers;
Rudy, Toby, Peyton & Archie.

 8 Weeks...

This was taken on the way home with P!nk. 

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6 Weeks...

P!nk loved to play in the tunnel!
Unfortunately for her siblings...she also liked
to play with the tunnel while they
were IN it!

5 Weeks...

Here is P!nk's litter for their 1st Group Photo!