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Cedarhollow Mastiffs

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~French Author Anatole France

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Bred by and Co-Owned with Jordan Mui and Sharon Beaulieu


Dylan came to us in May of 2008 from Sharon Beaulieu, in Canada.  He had been living the life up in the fields of Saskatchawan.  We knew that we had some work cut out for us to get him back in show condition but his amazing structure and presence deserved to be shown off!  
In just a few short months, with lots of work on his coat, he was ready to start back in the ring.  He achieved the rank of #4 Clumber Spaniel in All Breed Points and #5 Clumber Spaniel in Breed Points with just a few months of showing in 2008.
Dylan was retired at the end of the 2009 show year.  He had an amazing year!  He was ranked #1 All Systems for the majority of the year.  He is a multiple group winning Clumber and is hard to ignore in a very tough Sporting Group.

He took a good part of the summer off, only showing a few times, because even though he lives to show...we didn't feel it was right to have him showing in the extreme heat we had this year.   
Dylan is groomed by and exclusively handled by
Ed Thomason and assisted by his wife, Karen Thomason and Aaron Bradshaw.  We have them to thank for this incredible ride!  You can read more about Ed and Karen at their website Alpine Kennels.
Dylan is now enjoying the retired life and able to play with the Mastiffs and not be worried about his coat being stained, etc. 


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 Here are just a few of the various show photos that we have of Dylan as well as a few candids.  You can see the change just a few months made in his coat!  He is an amazing dog and is lots of fun.  He could care less about the other dogs and has actually become great friends with P!nk.  She thinks the world revolves around him and pretty much goes out of her skin any time she sees a Clumber!